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Despite numerous failings of British politicians (for example, all the recent allegations about over-ambitious expense claims) I would rather live in a democracy than under other political systems (sidenote: Aung Suu Kyi of Burma, who should be their democratic leader except for the oppression of the military junta, needs support).

Therefore, I have taken the time to sign up for a transfer to the Oxford register of electors. Hopefully this will be in time to allow Jane and I to cast our votes in our new home when the next elections roll round in early June.

There was one small glitch with the system: after completing the online forms a PDF file is generated to sign and return but it was in landscape format while some of the fields were printed in portrait format! I hope they accept my hand-written corrections but I also hope, as a web developer myself, that there will be some forgiveness for the person who forgot to check this!

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