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Tonight I have been continuing with my preparations for Saturday evening’s debut gig with The Djinn. In particular, I have been nailing down the details of the cover song we will be performing and, in finishing off, I wanted to write up my notes in a legible form.

Normally, I would use Lilypond, which is a very powerful tool for engraving music. It allows fine control but, because it relies on rendering the text file you are working on to a PDF score, it is more cumbersome to use than a GUI based product. An alternative I read about recently was Noteflight, which uses Flash to turn the web browser into an online score editing tool.

I have been working hard, it is late and I need to tidy up and get to bed but my one-word review of the site is “brilliant”! I am sure my experience with Lilypond helped but I found I was able to get up to speed very quickly. I will definitely be returning when I need a quick and easy way of plugging in some notation.

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