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Easter Weekend


Towards the end of this afternoon, it was looking like I was going to get carried away making my latest bright idea work and end up staying late but fortunately I was on form, spotted and dealt with a couple of bugs and got away on time. That’s the working week over and time for Easter weekend to begin.

Today is Maundy Thursday and I took up Tess Ward’s invitation to attend the eucharist she was conducting in The Santuary up at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, where I am based. That was a refreshing pause in the middle of the day and my first chance to see inside the cylindrical space that hangs at the heart of the hospital’s main atrium.

Now I am thinking ahead to the rest of the weekend. There will be the various services to remember the Passion narrative, hot cross buns and music from the Oxford Jazz Festival. I might take another short blogging break of a few days; it depends whether the things to write about take up all the time to write about them!

Lent will be over soon though and I’ll be able to do my blogging first thing in the morning again (see my Lent Plans). Will I be back to as much time on line as I used to spend in the mornings? Probably not. Anyway, for now, time to go and check the store cupboards for ingredients.

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