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I like online comics. I have a selection of a few regularly updated ones that I check in on most days (see my delicious account for those). One that updates less frequently but which can be generally be relied up on to be worth reading (and then re-reading to spot all the tiny background details) is Subnormality.

Sometimes, it is unexpectedly serious. I was waiting for an opportunity to blog about the previous edition, called The Line. That is not a comic in the sense of being funny; it communicates a powerful message through both the text and the layout and is a brilliant illustration of what should properly be called a graphic novel when written in a longer format.

By contrast, today’s issue, Rockin’ the New Kingdom is funny and does have a bizarre twist or two as well as lots of details (bus advertising fans should look for the “There’s probably no Osiris” banner!). There is still food for thought though. A worthy body of online art to amuse and challenge you.

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