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I was recently reading about web development security and PHP and noted that appending an @ symbol to a function call was regarded as being a good idea because it hides any error messages generated by the function. Error messages are vital when developing a web application but, by the time it has been tested and put live, they can be a security hole. If a site user gives unexpected input that causes an error to occur, the resulting message might give away information that can be used as a key to unlock the site.

I wanted to read more about this approach but my search-fu seemed to be lacking. I could not find any reference to it in the online PHP manual and my searches kept bringing me back to various instances of the article where I had originally read about the idea.

Frustrated, I set up a small test page to explore the idea and, sure enough, @function-name does run function-name in silent mode. I would still be happier if I could find some more information to read about the approach (for example, are there any side-effects to be aware of) but that practical demonstration will do for now.

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