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Crunch, Crunch


“Crunch, crunch” is the sound I have been hearing a lot over the last few days as I have tramped back and forth across various snowy terrain. One thing I have noted is that I find walking through snow is an exhilarating experience, especially when further snow is falling at the time and brushing my face. As I walked round today (dropping my bike off to be serviced, visiting the treasure trove of Oxford Central Library and treating myself to dinner at the dependably excellent La Cucina) I was pondering why this is.

I can think of three reasons that probably contribute to the feeling. One is the joy of making a noise (loved by children and exploited by toy designers). Secondly, it is harder work walking through snow and balancing across ice and so there is a hint of exercise high. Thirdly is probably the sense of danger; the conditions bring a level of hazard as even a simple fall can have long-lasting ramifications if you land badly. Doubtless my body chemistry has been responding to all three.

Anyway, no more walking today and probably just as well – heading back, I could see the snow sparkling and patches of water beginning to thicken back into ice as the temperature dropped for another frozen night around Oxford.

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