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I would have more time to publish my pictures (see yesterday’s post, on the bracken shot) if I did not spend so much time hanging around on the Digital Photograpy School forums. One of the current hot topics is the debate about whether to shoot in RAW or JPEG modes. Since I spent a fair while composing my post to try and calm things down, I have decided to repost the heart of it here:

I don’t think there is a strong argument against the fact that shooting RAW images gives you more post-processing options. However, it does demand more time (learning to make the most of it and processing each picture) and money (to get the computing gear to reduce the per-picture time cost and to backup the larger files properly).

However, if your camera’s inbuilt “sensor data to JPEG” conversion is generally acceptable to you (remembering the fact that you can generally tweak the settings) and you struggle to find time to go through all your images and you don’t often get frustrated by not being able to tweak them further and you are happy with the output you are getting (hey! that sounds like me!) then you are arguably not far behind the person who shoots everything in RAW then accepts the default conversion from their image library software and stores terabytes of digital negatives that they will never look at again because they are taking better pictures all the time and, anyway, the proprietary .BUTT files from their trusty Canikon will be made obsolete and nothing will read them anyway.

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