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Baking in Oxford


I was at a meeting of web-focused staff from across the University today and, as I cycled home, I was reflecting how I did not feel as out of my depth as I might have expected. There are obviously advantages to having more than a decade of web experience, including the last eight years using it as the major component of my working life!

I am not nearly so experienced as a baker and am wondering if the bread I am trying tonight would benefit from a few more years proving? Jane brought the breadstone up yesterday and today I am trying my first loaf in this kitchen. However, I am lacking several of the things I take for granted at home, including a set of scales to weigh things out.

I started with the assumption that 1ml would equal 1g of flour but the stickiness of the resulting mixture suggests that I will need to work out a different ratio. I think I have managed to recover but will have to see how it comes out later.

Still, experience is gained by not giving up but keeping on going, figuring out ways to overcome the challenges that come up!

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