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Bread From Cold


Bread from cold

For most of the past year, Saturday’s blog has been my opportunity to talk about the latest shot in my fiftytwo. With that all done and my next photography project not decided, I am back free choice. This morning, I still have a picture to share but of a loaf of bread without me featuring somewhere in my role as a baker!

What makes this loaf noteworthy is that I used a different cooking method. Normally I set the oven on full about twenty minutes before the bread is due to go in. I then take out the hot stone, transfer the bread and pop it back in, turning the oven down to about 200+ degrees Celsius for another twenty or so minutes. To be honest, I don’t know how much electricity that uses but, at this time of rising fuel costs, it has got to add significantly to the production price of the loaf.

Last night, I left the oven cold until I took the stone out. I then set it to about 200 degrees so it began warming while I transferred the dough across, made sure it was sat on a reasonable amount of polenta (to stop sticking) and added cuts to the top. That meant the oven was warm but not anywhere near hot when I returned the loaf. After twenty minutes it looked quite well done but sounded a bit soft on the bottom, so I gave it another five and got the result above.

It stuck a little (more polenta next time) but rose and maintained its shape just as well as my normal method but the fuel cost is probably no more than half of my standard method. All that remains is to try it… and that might be the subject to fill tomorrow morning’s blank sheet!

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