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Fiftytwo – Week 52 (Finished!)


Fiftytwo - Concluded

Reaching the end of a significant project is a good feeling. This week I have completed my year-long fiftytwo endeavour with the image above.

My original idea was to return to the idea of a self portrait taken in a mirror, like I did in week three and then twist it further by including another version of myself in the same shot (the multiplicity meme that I didn’t get round to using). However, I couldn’t work out what would be a suitable mirror and location.

Instead, I decided to make a subtle play on the out of bounds idea (check the final frame in the “screenshot” above if you haven’t noticed it already). I set up a chopping board (solid wood and able to stand on its side) on top of one of the speakers in my front room with a piece of white paper folded over the top as well as hanging a blue sheet as a backdrop. After setting the framing and focus on the block, I took a number of shots (using my remote control). The one I selected (see original) had minimal glare on the glasses (natural lighting from the window) and was looking up at the right angle to blend in perfectly.

The year long project has been both an inspiration and a challenge. Some weeks it was very hard to find time to capture an image I was happy with but I found the accountability provided by making the project public encouraged me to improvise and I came up with a number of pictures I am very proud of.

I am now considering another weekly project but probably not yet more pictures of me!

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