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Fiftytwo – Week 48 (Triptych – Four Eyes)


Triptych - Four Eyes

This week’s assignment on the Digital Photography School forums is "X-tych". The challenge is to create a multi-panelled image from original photographs.

I decided to combine my work for this with my fiftytwo self portrait. I had been explaining to another user on the site how examples from the world of art tend to be painted on hinged panels (DPS is using a looser definition). The idea popped into my head of showing myself as “four-eyes”; I have been a spectacles-wearer for a long time although never particularly suffering with that particular sobriquet.

The resulting triptych is based on one image. After working on the central photo, I created a copy and mirrored it before slicing into halves and rearranging the outer “panels”. I liked the pattern created by the mirroring effect so, rather than breaking it up with obvious dividing lines, I overlaid the outer portions with a translucent layer in a darker colour to distinguish them.

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