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Key Cap - WallpaperKey Cap - Monochrome

Sometimes I work on a photo only to come back with fresh ideas a while later. This morning I have done two remixes of the key shot I used for yesterday’s post.

The first is a simple crop to a 4:3 format from the 3:2 ratio of the original. This makes it a better fit as desktop wallpaper on many displays. I was inspired by a program called Desklickr. This is a Mac utility that updates my desktop background every hour using images from Flickr. I have set it to pick photos from my own photostream and this one got selected yesterday evening. Desklickr automatically crops to fit but I decided to make the cropping decision myself and share the result.

The second image was the result of a comment from one of my Flickr friends on the other key image I posted yesterday. He suggested that it might look good in monochrome. I thought it would be rather dark but tried the idea on this image instead. Using The Gimp I split the image into RGB channels. I then recombined them: Blue (subtract, 25% opacity), Red (screen, 40% opacity), Green (as base). To finish off, I adjusted the curves for contrast and overlaid a translucent, blurred copy in screen mode to make the highlights softer and brighter.

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