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The new EUB is very different instrument to my Sei bass (which has six super-light gauge strings which barely need more than a look to fret them). Any instrument needs to be treated with respect but this is particularly true of such a large and demanding beast.

I am paying careful attention to the things I learnt in the lessons I had when I previously rented a double bass, such as keeping my left elbow up and my wrist fairly straight (avoiding the problems that come from high pressure through a bent wrist). I am also working through the Simandl book I bought last time around, starting from the beginning again and paying attention not just to intonation but also the 1 – 2 – 4 fingering (supporting each finger with all the ones behind it) and not rushing or practising for too long at once.

Even on electric bass, I gave up on strict adherence to “one finger per fret” a long time ago. It is great and occasionally vital for some passages but I generally keep my hand in a more relaxed position. I am keen on playing in a way that is relaxed and safe; moving to the much greater string tension and scale length of a DB makes that all the more vital as a foundation.

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