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Expensive Brandy


I had a late supper last night – pasta, pesto and some home-made bread – and was washing it down with a small glass of brandy when I made a hand to mouth error and spilled what was left. Unfortunately I was working on the computer at the time and so some of it fell on the keyboard.

The keyboard still seemed to work so, after mopping up the surface, I tried to wrap up what I was doing. However, I noticed that the keys were no longer responding so I shut it down and went to bed.

This morning the keyboard still wasn’t working (although the mouse, attached via the keyboard, was still operational) and there was liquid visible at the bottom of the keyboard (one of the cool Mac keyboards with a transparent shell), so I switched off the machine again and set to work.

I’ve had it open several times, each time penetrating deeper. I’ve not only mopped up all traces of liquid and, for good measure, brushed out all the other crud that has accumulated over the past year. I’ve even had all the keys off the top. Unfortunately, however, it still hasn’t come back to life. I’ll try again at lunchtime but, meanwhile, am typing this on a keyboard borrowed from another computer in the house.

It looks like it was an expensive glass of brandy; I am only glad that I wasn’t using my laptop. Even if the Mac keyboard revives, I am operating a strict “no drinks on the worksurface” rule from now on!

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