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I still have a large backlog of photos from my holiday earlier in the month (although the number is gradually being whittled down) but I couldn’t wait any longer to get out in the garden and document the abundant life bursting out all over the place. Some plants, like our beautiful cytisus (broom), were already beginning to fade from their full glory, although plenty more are lined up to unveil their most spectacular colours later in the season.

It will be a few days yet before I get those pictures online but I pushed the one above forward to keep up with my fiftytwo self portrait project. Here I am, reflected in some shards of mirror that we have saved for use in the garden. It is more of a pain in the neck than seven years bad luck to break a mirror but we plan to use what we can of the remains (which have been sitting outside for a couple of weeks now) to reflect light into some dark corners and perhaps to create an illusion of greater space.

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