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As I mentioned on Sunday, I enjoyed the Worship Central event that I attended the day before.

It would have been worth it alone for the chance to catch up with people, both those I previously only knew via various websites (like Worship Released) and who I had arranged to meet there and also a mixture of present and former members of the church I grew up in, St Peter’s, Hextable.

The event itself was also worthwhile. My highlights were Brenton Brown (he needs to update his website!) in the Survivor Lounge and N T Wright, Bishop of Durham (whose website is worth digging into).

Jane and I thought the Survivor Lounge event might be too loud so we moved to the back of the room, where we were blessed with both air-conditioning and meeting a few more people (hi Hanif!). It turned out that Brown had the best sound I heard all day, loud enough to hear but quiet enough for clarity. Combined with a short message from Andrew Wilson (on exactly the same theme I had used for our Worship Small Group earlier in the week!) I am very glad we stayed.

Wright’s message was very rich, with plenty for me to return to. The phrase that stuck in my mind most was the challenge to not just strike the match but light the candle (referring to how worship brings light). The match still needs to be lit to initiate things but, if you content yourself with the excitement of the phosphor-spark, it will not be long before the matchbox is exhausted.

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