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We got an envelope through our door yesterday with “results” from the North Downs Challenge Walk we went on earlier this month. The sheet covered those who did the five mile walk. Our time was 3 hours and 30 minutes; one person managed to take six minutes longer but I seem to recall that we actually started a few minutes before our recorded kick off time.

The timestamp on my camera, corrected for the fact it had not be updated for British Summer Time, puts me taking pictures in the churchyard at about 10am, so our journey must actually have taken at least quarter of an hour longer; I am quite confident that, if it had been a race, we would have been resoundingly last!

Of course, if it had been a race, we wouldn’t have been constantly stopping to take pictures (evidence on my Flickr account) because, as those who have walked with me on other occasions know, I can put on a fair turn of speed when I want to!

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