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I am tired this morning as I was out late last night recording a demo with The Adrian Astor Quintet over at Scream Studios in Croydon. It sounded fantastic but I don’t have a copy yet; when I do, I will definitely put some tracks up for you to listen to. Instead, while you are waiting, you can click on the Find Me link to see my profile on Last.FM and get an idea of what I have been listening to recently (see my post from March on favourite music for more background on that).

If you are an astute observer, you will have noticed that the graphic I have used for the link has similarities to both the LibraryThing one I put in yesterday and the visual style of the Last.FM website. If you are really keen, you may also have spotted several similar buttons at the end of every page on this site, linking to a number of the social networking sites where I have a presence. After you have looked at my books and my music, you can explore my pictures on Flickr, my web bookmarks on Del.icio.us and MySpace.

Eventually I will make those links visible nearer the top of the page but, for now, you know some places to look if you want to find me.

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