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Grey Water


It is easy to find out how much water you use in taking a shower; just leave the plug in. As someone who enjoys the luxury of standing under hot shower, that can sometimes be quite a lot!

However, that indulgence can be made a little less wasteful by re-using the water on the garden rather than emptying it down the drain. Although we do not yet have a hosepipe ban in South East England, I am sure it will not be long before one is imposed. Reservoir levels must already be dropping after a long, hot spring. Reusing grey water from bathing and washing up dramatically reduces the overall level of water this household consumes while still allowing our garden to flourish.

We do not use the grey water on the edible crops. However, it is ideal for the various flowers and shrubs that make up the rest of our garden. Applied by watering can at the roots of the plants, we can give those plants plenty of refreshment, allowing them to grow verdantly and without stealing water from the crop beds.

All it takes is a little extra time but, when the weather is as warm and sunny as it is this morning, that is no great cost for action that is a positive step towards being selfsufficientish.

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