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My Favourite Picture – March 2007


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April rolls on and I have recently finished uploading the pictures I took during March to my Flickr account. That means it is time to to add another image to my Favourite Photos (2007) set (see previous blog entries) to represent March.

With a holiday in the middle and another trip to RHS Rosemoor giving me lots of time and inspiration, I had many pictures to choose from.

In the end, I decided on this close-up of a specimen of Stachyurus praecox “Rubriflorus” (or Spiketail), which I later discovered was featured as Rosemoor’s Plant of the Month in March 2003. This is certainly a time of year when it looks splendid.

I made an effort to compose the photo with the five hanging stems (see the Digital Photography School forums for discussion on The “Odd Rule” of Composition) but was also pleased to see how my Nikon D40 caught the contrast between foreground and background (macro mode, 55mm focal length, 1/60s exposure at f/8 and ISO 200) creating a very complementary effect.

I am looking forward to eventually picking my favourite shot of 2007 out of this monthly selection; I’m glad to have hit on the idea of laying the ground work month by month because, at my current rate of shooting, I would otherwise have a thousand or more images to sort through in one go!

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