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For today’s post I decided to dig back through my collection of blogfodder – things I have come across and squirrelled away for possible comment. One was Andrew Jone’s 15 Blogging Tips for 2007.

I particularly like #15, “Don’t Love To Be First”. It feels good to do a search and discover that what you wrote comes top of the search rankings. However, it is also good to discover that someone else comes higher, especially if they add more richness to the subject by their musings.

Don’t love to be first is a good lesson for bloggers, even for those like me who are the plankton of the blogging world (within the right circles, people may have heard of a big fish like Andrew Jones, AKA Tall Skinny Kiwi, but they almost certainly won’t have heard of me). It is also a good life lesson; rejoice and support other people in their success rather than seeking primacy in everything.

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