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CSS Naked Day


CSS Naked Day

Today is CSS Naked Day. You will be pleased to hear that stripping the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code from my website is as close as I am planning to go towards that aim but, you may be asking, what is the point?

Last year, 763 web sites were stripped of the CSS that makes them pretty as a reminder that web design is about more than making a page that looks pretty. Focus purely on appearance and the chances are that your artwork will look bad on at least some of the browsers you didn’t get round to testing and possibly also make the site unusable for people with particular accessibility needs.

CSS Naked Day is about showing what your information looks like without all the dressing up. I’m quite pleased with mine although that list of categories could do with some thought; it gives a lot of text to scroll through before reaching the main content, even if it is neatly done with “semantic markup”. However, a learning experience is a good experience.

I suppose there is also an element of naughty temptation to dangle pendulous words like naked and nude and see if search rankings increase but I suspect that most people looking for those things won’t find much here to hold their attention!

The site’s clothes go back on tomorrow but, for now, I hope you enjoy it in all its style-free glory.

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