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Peter has sent me some pictures from Sunday evening’s ‘Teeth gig, all of which have now been uploaded to my Flickr account.

I have recently been reading about how to create the “amazing circle” effect in one of the discussions on Flickr and decided that this would be a good image on which to try that out.

I followed the instructions to the letter, although with my own refinements tagged on at the start and end of the process. Before starting to map the picture to polar co-ordinates, I cropped to a square format and made some adjustments to the colour and contrast for a richer result. Once completed, I rotated the result and added a subtle drop shadow.

The end result is not the most stunning I have ever seen (pick from thousands on Flickr), as the original photo didn’t have strong colours and shapes to begin with, but I suspect it will amuse the rest of the band.

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