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Last year, I concocted a script that links my blog postings to pictures on my Flickr account (see index of postings). This allowed comments to be made on my blog postings using the secure, tried and tested mechanism set up over at Flickr. I wanted to make the update very visible, so I chose one of the special effects from the jQuery javascript library I had been using to make the comment links smoothly pop-up and expand on screen.

Very flashy, very easy using the tools of the library and, after a while, very annoying as well. The trouble with dynamically updating what is shown in part of a web page is that everything further down has to adapt to fit it in. I do not know if it got on anyone else’s nerves but, coming back to my site every day to make postings, it certainly began to grate on me.

The script has now been upgraded to a slightly more tasteful version. It still hooks into Flickr and reports back on how many comments are related to the current posting but without the unnecessary animation. Making the change was a simple task because jQuery allows very compact code that is easy to read and modify.

I will post code samples tomorrow; for now, I ask you to just observe that the pages of my blog still do their clever stuff with comment links but without such a disconcertingly fluid and high-handed approach to page layout!

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