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Having counted how many words I have blogged yesterday, I have been thinking again about how this blog is laid out.

One of features of the Blosxom blogging engine I use is that every posting belongs to a category. The category has always been shown at the end of every post, allowing the visitor to click it and view related items. That is potentially useful but I began to wonder how obvious that was to anyone except the blogging cognoscenti and if I could do more with the information.

Therefore, today I present a new category list, to join the existing blog index (the last hundred entries drawn from my full del.icio.us index). It is currently shown at the top of the page but here is a copy for future reference (and anyone following this site via a feed reader):

I am still musing on the details, so there may be more refinements; suggestions are welcome.

Meanwhile, greetings to eDragonru who noticed via MyBlogLog that I had visited his site (lots of stuff about thinking tools and getting things done) and paid a return visit – gosh, I feel so connected with all this Web 2.0 interactive goodness!

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