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One of the problems I have on my computer is that I’m running low on disk space, which has been exacerbated by the increasing number of higher resolution photos I have been taking. At some point, I’ll probably get an external hard drive but, for the meanwhile, I am always looking for ways to eke out what I have.

Fairly recently I got a Googlemail account and, while filing away some old emails today it struck me that I could make more use of it. I have quite a lot of old emails on my computer that I will probably never need to refer back to again. They take up space and are a pain to search through.

What I am experimenting with is sending clumps of those messages across to Googlemail. Free storage, powerful searching and, for things that I really won’t miss to much if they do become unavailable at some point in the future, a good solution to free up a bit more space on my local machine.

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