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My Favourite Picture – November 2006


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My chosen picture for September was the start of my explorations in looking at what I could do with the macro mode on my Fujifilm Finepix 1400 apart from taking close-ups.

It was not until November that I began to experiment further with the idea (October had been caught up with the trip to Granada, a weekend away with my church and other things).

Encouraged by a run of crisp autumnal mornings, I took an early morning walk in a local park with the aim of taking some photos. The macro idea came back to mind and I made several exposures while trying various types of movement.

I was particularly pleased with this one. It looks like an abstract pattern or something that has been manipulated on the computer but it is straight out of the camera. The oranges and greens are leaves, the dark browns are branches and the blue is the sky.

Now I have a camera that gives me more control, that kind of exploit is not so necessary (certainly not while I am still trying to master the controls). However, that short period, marked by this picture, was an important time as I ventured forward in my understanding of photography as painting with light.

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