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I cannot say exactly what 2007 will hold for me but it is likely to include a lot of photography. For Christmas I had the privilege of getting a shiny new digital SLR camera (Nikon D40), which is a significant step up from the point and shoot camera I have been working with for the past five years.

Many of the resulting pictures will probably be posted on my Flickr account and a good number of them are likely to feature views of various gardens belonging to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). That brings together the pleasure of visiting the gardens with the excitement of photography and will help me get the most out of both my membership fee and my new camera.

It surprised me that, with the thousands of groups that exist on Flickr, none were specifically devoted to that subject. However, that deficiency was easy to remedy and yesterday I created an RHS Gardens group. That will give me a place to share my favourite views from those sites and also enjoy the pick of other people’s visits. If you have taken pictures of Wisley, Rosemoor, Harlow Carr or Hyde Hall (and we are also considering partner gardens that give free admission to RHS members) then please consider putting your images on Flickr and sharing them with the group.

Want to add something? Please join the conversation about this posting (nb. Flickr or Yahoo! account required).

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