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Towards the end of October, I posted an entry that mentioned a performance I had given of psalm 88 set to the music of Miles Davis’ All Blues. I delivered it using bass and voice – to help out, I had my DL-4 looping box play the main riff, allowing me to add some extra colour over the top (although, because of the limited recording time, I had to work stopping it to play the turn around at the end of each set of changes into the performance; it was more involved than noodling over a backing track!)

Tomorrow I will post the lyrics I used. They were based on The Message translation of the psalm but I could not quite get those words to fit even in the semi-spoken approach I was taking to the lyrics. I also borrowed some phrasing from the Bible translation I normally carry (NASB), along with some of my own phrasing.

The result is by no means a scholarly translation but, especially set in the context of the music, I think it caught the mood well, although comments would be welcome!

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