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Receiving As Well As Giving


Since my first go at freecycling (back in February this year) I have used the service several times to give away things that were just clutter to me but turned out to be handy for someone else. I have had one case where I got no takers, and one or two where the details of getting things picked up took some time and patience to work through, but it has been a very positive experience overall.

Last night, I had my first experience of the other side of the game; taking somebody else’s unwanted goods off their hands. I am now the proud owner of a bottle of white spirit (I had been meaning to buy some more for ages) and a couple of tins of varnish (I am sure they will come in handy somewhere).

Therefore, thumbs up again for the Freecycle concept and hip, hip, hurrah for the Lewisham group that has been running for a few months now (plenty of activity but no offers of exciting looking things that turn out to be an impractical journey away across the other side of the city).

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