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Brenton Brown – Everlasting God


Another CD review using the hReview microformat.

Everlasting God

Brenton Brown (Survivor)

Reviewed for Worship Released by Wulf Forrester-Barker on 27 November 2006

Rating: 4 / 5 (great album in this genre)

The Review

I started off loving this album – by the time I got to the end of the first track, I was singing along and was already thinking of introducing it to my worship group. Skipping back and listening again, I was convinced that the song (Praise is Rising (Hosanna), co-written with Paul Baloche) was a winner.

And then I let the rest of the disk spin and found myself feeling increasingly disillusioned. By track three, the producer is experimenting with heavily processed vocals (hints of Cher!), which I could live with, and then track four, despite having all the right words, left me feeling that I’d been listening to some kind of boy-band wannabe.

There are some great moments in the music. I can’t wait until we play Your Love is Amazing again (so I can try out the tasty bass riff) and Ladysmith Black Mambazo add richness to the end of We Will Worship Him. There are also some nice touches on the overall presentation; the lyrics come printed with guitar chords, which add a lot of value for musicians who want to use the songs in worship. Those details make the album worthy of attention.

However, I think it falls short of being an unmissable addition to a worship music collection because there are too many elements pulling in different directions. For all the bits I loved, there were others that fell short. For example, despite Brenton Brown being the author of the song, the album has one of the limpest arrangements of Over All The Earth that I can remember hearing.

Therefore, a mixed bag. However, if you do decide to buy it, make sure you listen right to the very end of the final track!

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