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Cartoon about discrimination

I was reading a few items that recently caught my eyes on the BA cross debate – whether it was unfairly discriminating against Christians by preventing Nadia Eweida from wearing her cross at the check-in desk. My starting point was the cartoon blog, which put forward the provocative cartoon above (click the image for Dave Walker’s full article).

Checking on the BBC News website, it appears that BA are now reviewing their policy, which may well end up allowing at least some kinds of “faith” jewellery to be worn. Many will see that as a significant victory.

I remain ambivalent. I suspect the case generated a lot of media interest because it came not long after the furore over Jack Straw’s comments on Muslim veils. Personally, I eschew decorating myself as some kind of witness to my faith, although I don’t think it is a bad thing if petty uniform regulations end up getting revised into something that promotes a smart organisational appearance without trying to force people to look like clones.

However, as some Christians turn to rejoicing, I think they would do well to mull the following, from the Bigbulkyanglican blog:

I guess the basic question is what kind of place do we as Christians want in society – one earned by our involvement and “witnessed” to by who we are – or one demanded from a position of authority and on the basis of a dubious interpretation of what we mean by “Christian country”.

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