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Lewisham libraries have finally upgraded to a new computer system. The Lewisham Library and Information Portal allows users to log on and check their accounts from home. As a frequent user of the service, this is fantastic news for me. I have been asking about it for years and am very happy to see it available.

One question I have to ask myself is whether I want to continue putting books borrowed from the local libraries onto my LibraryThing account. I had been doing this so that I could keep track of when books where due back but this is no longer necessary as I can now follow them on the Lewisham system without any further input being necessary for me.

On the one hand, adding the books into the LibraryThing site is just an extra, unnecessary waste of time; on the other, it does then feed into the social networking side of the site and perhaps open up connections to people through books I’ve read rather than just those I have owned. The jury is still out on that one but, whatever I decide, I am certainly very happy with the new Lewisham library system.

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