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I think I’ve made enough postings about technical issues to veer onto other topics for a few days. I’ve even had a comment from John Resig, the key architect of the jquery library, so I’m feeling flushed with success.

As is my wont, I have not just been thinking about web programming over the last couple of weeks but casting my mind far and wide. One of the areas has been participating in theological discussion over on Simon Jones’ blog. Simon is pastor of a church in nearby Bromley; he is also coming to lead a weekend for my church later this month, which is the main reason I started following his online musings (although I have subsequently found that I enjoy them in their own right).

An issue he has been thinking about is discipleship and membership in churches, particularly in the context of the baptist tradition of regular church meetings having an important role in the way any given church makes decisions. It has been interesting chipping a few thoughts into the conversation and then picking up feedback from other participants and further entries by Simon.

I also now have a much greater anticipation of the forthcoming weekend away. Will he drop his toast at breakfast when he finds out that it’s me, one of the elders of Hither Green Baptist Church, who has been visiting his blog or will I find out that he has been watching me watching him. Whichever way the scene plays, I’m confident that it will be another positive chapter in my experience of virtual contact adding richness to face to face meeting.

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