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After some experimentation with microformats (specifically hReview) on my blog, I have been looking at how I can apply the hidden markup to reviews on the Worship Released website. Making reviews more visible means that everybody benefits, from the supplier of the product to the consumer (and at least the vanity of the reviewer, whose words are more widely read).

Unfortunately, the review I posted yesterday doesn’t seem to have been picked up yet by the microformat search I have been using, despite pinging the server to alert it. The review is buried inside the forum structure and that may be hiding it, so I have reproduced the article below to see if this makes a difference.

The Heart of New Wine

Various – Integrity Europe

Reviewed for Worship Released by Wulf Forrester-Barker on 25 September 2006

Rating: 4 / 5 (great album in this genre)

The Publisher Says:

Every year thousands come to New Wine to enjoy teaching, fellowship and above all to experience God’s presence during the Spirit-led worship. This double CD of 30 live songs, captures the essence of these awesome encounters with God so you and can be blessed and inspired in your journey of faith.

The Review

One thing that can’t be denied is that this album provides a great collection of contemporary worship tracks in the style that regular visitors to the yearly series of Bible weeks (and the vast number of churches influenced by that stream of artists and styles). Thirty tracks for

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