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After a recent brush with the dentist, Jane and I decided to get some disclosing tablets; the little pills that you chew, releasing a dye that stains all the plaque in your mouth so you can see how good your brushing was.

I have to admit that my answer was “not very”. I thought I’d given them a good brush but there was still plenty left. Even on the front surfaces of the teeth, it was obvious that the plaque was worn down a bit but it wasn’t all gone.

I wonder if a brush is really the best tool? Comparing it to washing up, sometimes a brush is ideal but when there is a sticky film of food remnants on a surface, sometimes a sponge works much more efficiently. I wonder if we use toothbrushes because they are scientifically proven to be the best solution or just because they are what we are used to using? Ding! Or, as the light bulb goes on, perhaps that’s what all that flossing lark is about?

Anyway, I know that in the end I definitely got my teeth clean with the brush last night; also, this morning, my saliva still has a subtle pink tinge!

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