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‘Gainst All Disasters


Last night we were helping with another E:vent youth service over at St Mary’s, Bexley. This time my brother, Magnus, also came along because he was speaking about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage we both went on at the end of July.

A lot of work had gone into preparations, including a number of Powerpoint presentations to illustrate various sections, such as Magnus’s reflections and the “pilgrim challenge” I was leading. However, there was a problem getting the laptop talking to the projector and it looked like all that planning was going to come to naught.

Our opening song was the classic pilgrim hymn, He Who Would Valiant Be; unlike the rest of the songs I had chosen for the end of the evening, this one was in the St Mary’s hymn books so, as soon as we’d got a replacement laptop down and copied the presentations over to it, we were able to kick off even before any of the other words had been transferred.

Of course, I couldn’t help reflecting how relevant the first line of the song was as a reminder to us not to give up: He who would valiant be, ‘gainst all disasters…! And then, once past that hump, the rest of the evening went very well. Just keep calm, keep walking and follow Jesus, the Master!

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