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Sheets of Rain


The sky is clear and blue outside now but last night we had several bouts of torrential rain. I particularly noticed the ones while I was driving to and from my gig with The Elusive Teeth. My timing was such that it had stopped by the time I parked the car and it started again just after I got back in later on in the evening (phew!) but it did give some gnarly driving conditions.

Driving back home was horrible. It was some of the heaviest rain I have ever driven through, sheeting down with raging torrents sluicing along the gutters. The only other time I remember experiencing anything like such cataracts was when Jane and I did our epic road trip from Houston to Atlanta and back in 2001. We had longer periods of rain there but I’m not sure even that was heavier. Next time I go to a gig, perhaps I should carry an emergency kayak just in case!

By the way, I’ve been pondering the lack of a commenting facility on my blog. I had a thought the other day that my Flickr account has an excellent commenting system (including notification to me of new comments and a chance for participants to follow up postings they have made and stay in the conversation) and that most of my pictures haven’t garnered any comments in their own right.

Therefore, perhaps I could post links to various pictures to allow people to comment on blog entries? The requirement is a Flickr (or Yahoo!) account but those are free and already widely established. I’ll try experimenting for a few days; if I get some comments, maybe I’ll continue… so if you’d like the discussion to be two way, use the link below to say so:

Comment Link

Want to add something? Click on the picture to add a comment and join the conversation about this posting.

(Nb. Flickr or Yahoo! account required)

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