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Steve Lawson and Theo Travis


Steve Lawson and Theo Travis at the National Theatre Foyer

Aug 29, 2006 byWulf Forrester-Barker

Gig Review


I met Jane after work last night and we walked across to the foyer of the National Theatre. We took the opportunity to traverse the Millennium Bridge, which we haven’t done before, following a route via the north side of the Thames rather than just walking all the way along the South Bank from London Bridge and enjoying the bridge and the many other examples of extravagant architecture boasted by that section of the Thames walk.

Our purpose was not to admire the buildings but to catch Steve Lawson (bass and live looping) and Theo Travis (flute, sax and yet more layers of looping) performing as a duo at the National Theatre. We have seen them there a couple of times before and were not disappointed.

After all, what is not to like about the arrangement? A chance to sit and enjoy some beautiful music in the early evening, with both artists using the tools at their disposal to express their inexhaustible creativity, sitting in a civilised venue and all for free!

Both were on form; Steve’s bass was perhaps a little quiet in the first set but better balanced in the second half as he swapped from fretted to fretless six string basses. That minor quibble aside, I still give them 5 out of 5 and I am looking forward to the next time the National Theatre decide to book them in!

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