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I’ve recently bought a Palm T|X. I’ve got various things planned, like using it as a lighter weight alternative to lugging a heavy Bible and chunky novel with my on my return to el camino de santiago in July, but one of the main attractions of this particular model was the built in wi-fi networking.

I’m pleased to report that this works as smoothly as I hoped (once I refreshed my memory on the security for our home wireless network). I bought the unit from eBay, which gave a substantial saving over high street prices (or even other online sources) but added a bit more risk if it didn’t mesh into my network.

I’m now getting to grips with it, including exploring what I can do with the wireless connection. The application I’m most excited about at the moment is pssh, a secure shell client for Palm OS. In short, that means I can log onto one of my Linux machines and work on a command line terminal from anywhere in the house or garden.

Of course, with the limitations of the Palm screen, it is a very small terminal but I can see several applications. Not least, it means I can easily access all the text based data on my Linux machines – for example, if I’ve got a recipe I’m trying to follow, I could now read it on my Palm rather than having to print it out or keep running backwards and forwards. When I get an add-on keyboard for the Palm, I could even use it for writing my webscripts and leave the main machine running a full size browser to see the results. Very handy!

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