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I have been processing a few more pictures from my trip to Wisley on Monday. This time you’ve got bronze fennel, alliums and a slug!

I have also adapted one of the pictures for use as my new desktop wallpaper on my home system (at least for the Ubuntu Linux partition, which is the one I normally use). The image has been made a lot darker, which works well with the transparent terminal I use for my command line interface. I generally go with an image that has slightly lower contrast but I’ll see how I get on over the next few days and whether the detail in the picture proves to be distracting.

It shouldn’t be long now until the new version of Ubuntu (codenamed “Dapper Drake”) becomes available for download: I’m looking forward to getting Firefox 1.5, among other things. Of course, I could easily live closer to the bleeding edge (even if it was just to upgrade to Dapper now, while it is still in “Release Candidate” stage) but I prefer my machine to be used as a tool for things I’m working on, like web development (and pretty desktop wallpapers), rather than having to spend too much time thinking about how the system itself works!

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