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Clear Kettle


When we visited our friends, Ian and Alison, last May, we were highly impressed by their kettle. Instead of having a tiny gauge to show how much water is inside, it was a clear glass bowl. Jane and I have had our white plastic kettle since we got married so, this weekend, we finally decided to splash out on a glass one.

I’m very pleased with it! Firstly, there’s the excitement of watching the science of boiling in action. With a clear kettle, you get a ringside seat to watch everything from the first vapourous movements in the water to the roiling, tumultuous boiling point. Who needs a TV when you can have a kettle instead?

Secondly, we’re hoping it will help reduce our ecological footprint. We can see exactly how much water is in it and thus only boil what we need rather than reboiling standing water at the bottom every time.

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