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A Day of Cooking


Indian Food

It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday soon and she and my two sisters-in-law are coming round for a celebratory meal this afternoon. Since Jane’s out helping with the weekly English class, it’s down to me to do the cooking. Instead of hacking about on the computer all day, I get to hack about in the kitchen.

The requested flavour is ‘Indian’. It’s been a while since I cooked that way, so it’s back to the recipe books for inspiration. Stage one (Rotis, adapted for the bread machine – it’s early enough to come up with a plan B if that fails!) and cleaning up is over. The next step is jointing the chicken for one of the main dishes (it’s much more economical to buy a whole chicken than to just buy parts).

It’s all hard work but lots of fun! Time to get back to it.

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