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The Chronicles of Narnia


Last night, Jane and I went to see the Narnia film and came away very impressed. I hesitate to try and venture an objective opinion because, right from the start (where a few scenes were added to explain that the children were WWII evacuees), I was caught up in the magic of the story telling and it definitely joins my list of films worth seeing.

I did notice that they’d kept the level of gore down to a bare minimum or perhaps even below. In this Narnia it seems you can run someone through with a sword and still pull the blade away clean! However, that should only detract from it for the most pedantic of nitpickers as the story is emphatically not about “cool” fight scenes slick with blood. Mind you, despite that concession to child-friendliness, there are still some nightmarish creatures in the ranks of the dark army; it may not be a film for the youngest of children and the PG certificate is probably about right.

I know the story well and have read it countless times. In fact, Jane and I are currently working through the Spanish translation, El Le

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