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Steve Lawson shares some thoughts on the storm following recent controversial comments by American preacher Pat Robertson (in turn, culled from somewhere else – I love the intermeshed meme of the blogosphere!).

I have to concur with that and join the chorus of voices saying please don’t imagine that Robertson’s comments sum up my Christian faith. After all, Saddam Hussein has been out of power in Iraq for a long time now and yet that country is probably in worse state now than when he ruled; unjust, despotic and wicked but deaths from suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks weren’t reaching double figures on most days and the oppressing forces would at least have spoken your language. With a ruler like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who seems to have a relatively solid democratic mandate for his presidency (George W take note!), how would murdering him achieve anything of merit?

From over here, it looks like Robertson has a very narrow view of world politics, namely that justice means everything fitting his vision of the “American way”, and a very small god, who fits into America’s back-pocket. Of course, there is a lesson for everyone else here as well; how much do we start with the assumption that everything we do in our personal lives is right and good and should be projected onto everyone else? I believe that God is equally au fait with Caracas, Washington, London and Baghdad so blindly hiding in my status quo must certainly fall short of his wider perspective

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