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The weather has been good today so Jane and I seized the opportunity to do some tidying up in the garden. We finally got round to trimming our Philadelphus in the hope that it will still have time to put on some late summer growth to produce next year’s crop of flowers. Tidying up involved stripping the leaves off all the trimmed branches, in turn tempting me to get the camera out and then, inevitably, posting some of the results on Flickr (including the sorrel from our herb garden, shown above, as well as shots of the leaves and branches).

The sheer volume of pictures posted to Flickr is amazing. Last week I put up a photo of our tomato plants; earlier today, I checked to see what other pictures had been flagged tomatoes. I expected there to be a few other images but not to find my shots already two or three pages back!

If Flickr survives for a few years, I wonder how many images will be available, tagged, peer reviewed for quality and freely available for use (since it’s easy to give your pictures various Creative Commons licences)? Probably enough to be extremely useful to people like me who do web design and like to work on a tight or non-existent budget.

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