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I’ve just finished my morning blogread – it’s a bit like taking a daily newspaper, except that it’s free both in the sense that I don’t have to pay for it and also that the ‘journalists’ aren’t writing in order to sell me a paper but each for their own purposes. Three findings stood out this morning:

Firstly, I tracked down the source of yesterday’s post to the Next Reformation website.

Secondly, Snopes had yet another article about a spoof news page doing the rounds on the web dressed up in the colours of the BBC news website. Previous ones have reported outbreaks of zombification and an unsuccessful band of midget warriors. I’m not keen on this form of satire: not only are the various people doing this not thorough enough to make all the sidebars relevant to the story they’re talking about but if it goes on there’s a danger the BBC might take steps to protect its brand. They probably wouldn’t work but I’d be unhappy about something that would make it more difficult for me to legitimately access their excellent, world-leading service.

Finally, Steve at Small Ritual shared this excellent cartoon on predestination:

Predestination Cartoon - pt 1Predestination Cartoon - pt 2

Nice one!

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