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Oil Be Dammed


Okay, not exactly dammed, but certainly running out and increasingly unable to keep up with demand. There’s a great article on the peak oil problem (most of the worlds oil fields have now passed their peak output and are already on the decline) over at the CoffeeWaffle site; the link it gave to an article called The Long Fingers of Petroleum was particularly striking.

Better read it quick though. You’re relying on a computer which contains plenty of plastics (petroleum based products) and a regular supply of energy (even the greenest of energy sources probably relies on a certain amount of plastics, transportation and other manifestations of petroleum). It sounds like we’re getting close to some major changes that’s going to affect our communications technology as much as anything else!

Edit (2018-03-27): CoffeeWaffle link flagged up as now pointing to malware vector site. Link removed.

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