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Yesterday’s Stations of the Cross event at church went really well, despite my posting the Stations of the Kitsch link! This morning I’m up early baking hot cross buns for the Good Friday events at church and, while waiting for the buns to rise thought I’d post up a link to EPIC.

This is a Flash based presentation, imagining a world a few years in the future where various Internet technologies have converged to destroy traditional printed media and give everyone a customised daily feed of news and reviews to keep them up to date with what’s going on. It’s an exciting idea although, as the presentation points out, most people would probably use that to maintain the illusion of a very superficial world, revolving around soap operas and celebrity gossip rather than as a tool to make connections to reality!

Of course, it’s all science fiction although, since watching it, I have started to use the GoogleNews service which is mentioned (and Bloglines, which isn’t, although the blog-buzzword gets a look in).

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