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Looking Down on the Back Garden – March 2023


If you click the image below to view it on my Flickr account and then look back to the equivalent shot from February, you might be wondering what has changed?

Looking Down on the Back Garden - March 2023
Back Garden – March 2023

It is true that there hasn’t been as much progress on the polytunnel as would be ideal. However, with the door frames recently added I think I’m now within striking distance of completion. With a bit of dry-ish weather, I can can complete the rest of the woodwork and then, with some warmish weather, Jane and I can get the plastic cover on (if it is too cold, the polythene will go floppy when it warms up, making it more susceptible to damage).

There are also some changes elsewhere – for example, next door’s magnolia (top right) is now in full bloom and we’re starting to get a decent amount of blossom on our camellia (towards the bottom on the left).

In April, you should see a lot more changes including, hopefully, a completed polytunnel.

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